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Ways to Look Pretty When Wear School Uniform

Your school uniform should make you feel good about yourself and should be stylish. They are not meant to be boring. Let’s look at things you can experiment with, to look pretty in your school uniform.

Well-Fitting Uniform
Your uniform should fit you well and should not be baggy or too tight. It should be well ironed and in a perfect fit. It should enhance your body structure making you look smart.

Alter your Uniform
You can shorten the length of your skirt, keeping it above the knee. This will enhance your legs and nothing looks better than a short and a well fitting skirt. Similarly, you can also shorten your sleeves, if they are too long or just fold them (if you can carry if off), it will look smart. Another style you can experiment with is by combining a well fitting skirt with a baggy shirt (not very baggy). It looks pretty cool. Use your creative outfit ideas and give your uniform your style and touch

Accessorize with a smart tie or a scarf or a jacket on your uniform. There are different ways of accessorizing with a scarf and a jacket. You can wear a scarf in so many different ways; you can tie a scarf around your neck- like a tie, you can also tie it sideways on your neck. You can wear a tie and experiment with hair bands too. In case of accessorizing with jewelry, wear cool and small earrings, neck-pieces with a bracelet.

Optimal Make-up
Heavy makeup on a school uniform is not a cool idea. Try keeping a natural look; apply a foundation to camouflage blemishes. Highlight your eyes using a liner and a mascara. Use a lip loss or a lipstick to glisten your lips and use a little blush.

Flawless Skin
Having a beautiful skin is the most attractive thing on a person. Beautiful-flawless skin with the above makeup or even without it will make you look pretty. Take care of your skin and don’t experiment with harmful products to look nice. Keep it simple by drinking lots of water, eating healthy food, maintaining good hygiene and exercising regularly.

Manicured Nails
Maintain clean and beautiful nails. Color them or try some nail art work on it. Dirty nails are a big turn off.

Well-Set Hair
Your hair takes almost 50% of the credit in contributing to your prettiness. There is so much you can do with your hair, so many school hairstyles you can try. You can tie a high ponytail, a side ponytail or leave them open with a pretty hair-band. Keep your hair in a good condition don’t use harmful products on your hair. Trim them and style them by straightening them or curling them.

Use a Deodorant
It is very important that you smell nice. Carry a deodorant with you to school and use it after you’ve played a sport or a dance practice to avoid body odor.

If there are no restrictions with the kinda footwear you should wear, there are so many options for you to experiment with. Try tennis shoes or ballet flats or some matching formal trendy shoes that don’t have high heels. High heels are not recommended as they do not collaborate with the activities you do in school. They can be uncomfortable for brisk walking or running.

Wear the Right Attitude
Even if you have a no makeup and no accessories on you, you can still look nice if you carry yourself confidently and with a good attitude. Right attitude is the attitude that merges with the real you. Don’t walk or sit clumsily; maintain an upright back posture. Your body language speaks everything about who you are.

Carry cool and funky bags to school; it adds to your overall look. Experiment with contrast colors or with sober colors and with different styles.

It is good to look pretty and dress up, but don’t overdo it. Nothing in excess is good! Style and flaunt but don’t let it take over your mind and change you into a different person.

Casual Dresses Tips for Juniors

Juniors love to experiment with various styles and fashions. They prefer to dress up according to the changing fashion trends and choose the hot picks of the season. If you check out the teen fashion clothing, you will find a wide range of options available. Moreover, you can find that casual wear is much more popular in the juniors clothing section. Though a wide variety of formal dresses are available on the shelves in the juniors section, use of these is restricted for special occasions. Are you one of those searching for the best dresses to fill up the casual section of your wardrobe? Then here’s more about the top trends in them for juniors which will help you choose the right pieces.

Best Styles to Choose From

Hot Picks

Dresses of various styles in terms of length, fit, pattern, colors, fabric, and designs are hot picks for the season. If you are searching for the most trendy clothes, you are sure to come across pretty knee length and shorter dresses that give you a cool casual look. These short apparels have been popular juniors clothing since a long time. Those having floral prints or abstract designs are a hot trend. Larger prints are the ‘in’ thing and you can see a lot of them with multicolored designs as well. Vibrant colors, quirky designs, etc., will make you look absolutely stunning.

Long Dresses

Apart from the short, long dresses are also amongst the ‘must-checkouts’. Go for the calf length ones with wide waist belts and pleated patterns, or pick the truly feminine and long empire waist dresses. Wear these with ankle boots and get set to turn all eyes towards you. You can also choose to wear the cute ones in fabrics, like chiffon, Georgette, mix cotton, and silk. Flowy sundresses are the ultimate picks for that fun and carefree look. Choose from strapless, thin strapped, halter neck, off shoulder, and empire waist patterns. These are available in a bunch of light and bright colors. Juniors must avoid shopping for dull shades and grab the bright colors, which rightly suit their age. Well, the white dresses impart an unmatchable look and these can be easily graced with colorful accessories. So, if you want to step out with a fresh look do think of that white thin strapped dress with ruffles and frills.

Elegant Outfits

Linen dresses are the best picks for occasions when you want to dress up in casual yet decent attire. When you want to look really special, grab the linen dresses and look class apart. Browse through the classy linen pencil dresses and we are sure that you will like to put one or two of them in your shopping bag. Colors like white or gray look awesome in this fabric. You can go for those with wide collar, wide waist band, and short sleeves that look extremely pretty. Don’t forget to check out the plaid dresses for juniors which are available in varied styles. Choose one that looks best on you and suits your taste.

Fancy dresses are highly popular and amongst the most opted pieces. Make sure that you pair the right accessories with the chosen dress. Pairing suitable boots needs no mention when you want to look perfect. Adding lovely hair accessories and funky beaded jewelry to grace your outfit and play up the look of your attire is a great idea. You can also wear cropped jackets and add a style element to the thin strapped and strapless dresses. So, ready to give a classy casual makeover to your wardrobe?

Choosing Cute Teenage Hairstyles

Teenage years are a lot of fun as you can enjoy dressing up and pull off styles that only a young girl looks good in. As a young girl, you must be looking for certain styles that best reflects your personality and style. This is the right time to experiment with different styles and patterns in clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. To match the pretty outfit and accessories, you need a hairstyle that makes you look your age and which enhances your features. Many young girls make the mistake of sporting a hairstyle that is too severe or over elegant. This kind of hairstyles makes you look aged and dated, and worse, makes you seem like a girl who is trying too hard. It is imperative that you choose a hairstyle that is not over styled, but choose a hairstyle that gives you a casual and carefree look. Use cute hair accessories like hair bands and oversized feathers for a flirty and fun look.

Pretty Teenage Hairstyles

Sporty High Ponytail
This particular hairstyle is ideal to wear for school as well as a casual lunch date with friends. If you though that a ponytail is boring and blah, then you couldn’t be more wrong. This particular ponytail hairstyle is anything but boring and you are sure to look great in it. To create this sporty high ponytail hairstyle, first you need to apply a texturizing cream to damp hair. Next create a deep side part, brushing all the hair on one side. Lightly backcomb hair at the crown area to create a bit of volume and then gather all your hair together into a ponytail. Secure hair at the back of your head with an elastic band. Take a small half inch section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic band and secure with a bobby pin. Spritz the ponytail with a medium hold hairspray and scrunch hair to give it a wavy texture. The beauty of this popular teen hairstyle is that it looks a little undone and tousled which goes very well with smart casual clothes.

Fishtail Side Braid
Braids are an ideal hairstyle for young girls that gives a fresh and youthful look. To make a braid hairstyle more trendy, a fishtail side braid is a good option. To create a fishtail side braid, first run some texturizing cream through the length of your hair. Create a deep side part and gather hair towards one shoulder. Separate the hair into two equal sections at the nape of your neck. Now very carefully, pull out a half inch section of hair from the right side, just below your ear and place it over the left section. Take another half inch section of hair from the left side, just below the ear and place it over the right section. Continue braiding in this way till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the braid with an elastic band. Take a rattail comb and gently run it over your braid to pull out some hair from the braid to give it a frayed look.

Soft Half Updo Hairstyle
The wrong updo hairstyle can make a teenager look too severe and older than her age. But a half updo, which is not sleek and pulled back but rather soft and tousled, is just right for a young girl. This is one of the best cute teenage hairstyles and is quite easy to style too. To create this hairstyle, prepare your hair by applying a golf ball sized amount of volumizing mousse to hair at the crown. Apply texturizing cream to the rest of the hair. Now take a wide three inch section of hair from the front of your hair and backcomb it with a rattail comb to create volume. Make sure that you do not go overboard with it and just create the right amount of volume. Secure this section of the hair at the back with a wide bejeweled barrette. Next use a large barreled curling iron to create loose curls on the rest of your hair. Spritz the hairstyle with medium hold hair spray and it is done.

These hairstyles are incredibly versatile and you can sport them at a date as well as the prom. Whatever style you create, make sure that it goes with your outfit and enhances your appearance.

Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

It is believed that teenage years is the time when one can experiment in terms of fashion ideas and carry off new looks with great style and panache. Many teens today are extremely fashion-conscious and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends. Fashion and style for such teens is not limited to clothes alone. A hairstyle can do wonders to one’s overall look and personality.

It is common knowledge that the desire to remain trendy is not limited to girls. Guys are as conscious about the way they look, the way they do their hair, and the way they present themselves. And the good news for all teenage boys out there is that they no longer have to stick only to classic hairstyles.

Those of you who are willing to go an extra mile and try out some funky, some offbeat, or simply hairstyles that you know are eternally stylish, check out the options given here.

For Short Hair

If you are sporty, and like to keep your style fuss-free, this is the best option for you. It’s super-short and requires little maintenance.

No added hair-care besides a regular trim, this messy style is a great option for boys who like to keep it natural.

A funky and trendy choice, this style will surely get you a lot of attention. It is important to go to a trusted stylist to get the look right.

For Medium Hair

Spikes is quite a popular option. Basic styling with either hair gel or water is all it takes to achieve this look. You can experiment with the length of the spikes.

Looking for an option for wavy hair? Then look no further. You could use a little mousse to style your hair, comb it with a side parting, and you’re good to go.

Edgy and punk best describe this look. This style is ideal for those with straight hair. For the more daring boys, you can opt for colored highlights as well.

For Long Hair

Got hair that is curly as well as thick? This is the best style to opt for. It keeps your curls and volume intact without opting for heat-products like an iron.

Braids are a fashion rage, and are an extremely trendy choice. However, it requires a great deal of maintenance, in addition to regular visits to the salon.

Whoever said bangs are only for girls. This is a great look for boys with a good volume of wavy hair. You can opt for parting on either sides to experiment.
So, when it comes to opting for the best hairstyles for teenage boys, I suggest you go ahead and experiment with your look. This coupled with a cool attitude and you are ready to rock!